Pc or mac for photo editing 2013

There is a small but growing community of creative professionals—video editors, audio engineers, software developers, 3D modelers, and graphic artists—who are modifying their circa Mac Pros to be even more powerful than the ones Apple sells today. Because those computers can use top-of-the-line graphics cards that aren't compatible with the iMac Pro or the and-onward Mac Pro, these modded computers are crushing the benchmarks of even brand new new computers.

The Mac Pro 4. Upgraded versions of the 4. To do what a lot of pros want, you just need a good GPU.

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The lack of Thunderbolt ports makes doing this a nonstarter for certain people. But many of these potential problems have been completely solved by the community. There are also parts lists from others so you can get an idea of cost and performance for certain parts.

It will also tell you if there are any glaring compatibility issues with the parts you choose, which can save you a ton of time and stress.

Local stores are useless and expensive for most PC parts. Even Fry's a very large electronics store with aisles full of PC parts only had a couple parts I wanted. They typically don't carry the newer stuff and most parts and accessories appeal more to gamers and hobbyists. Bye, Felicia.

More than a laptop

I got everything I needed from Amazon with Prime shipping. Windows 10 has been extremely solid, and dare I say, as solid as Mac OS. It installed in less than 10 minutes, which Mac OS has never come close to. Drivers were updated automatically in about an hour and I didn't have to do anything extra or manually install any drivers.

Why I Switched

I was worried about some graphics issues when I first got Windows 10 installed. The desktop wasn't sized correctly on my monitor and the task bar was cut off. However, those issues got resolved once the proper drivers were updated. There's a lot of things I still love about Mac OS, but using Windows after being Mac OS only for quite a few years has actually been a positive experience.

Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Audition have been extremely solid as well. Premiere Pro feels quite different on Windows as opposed to the multiple Macs I've edited on. I've had issues in Premiere on multiple systems and multiple clean installs of Mac OS for the last few years, including glitchy preview files, slow renders and playback with Mercury Transmit, crashing with various audio effects, and the notorious click and drag issue with items in the Project bin.

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With video editing, especially when encoding video or doing other CPU-intensive tasks, heat is your enemy. CPUs get hot fast, and the iK is known for running hot. You need a great air cooler or liquid cooler for your CPU to keep things in check.

The only way to do so was to use a huge heatsink cooler like the Noctua NH-D This is where it gets interesting. As I said before, I wanted a computer that could outperform most of Apple's desktop options while being cheaper as well. I knew a custom PC was going to perform well just from my research and benchmarks, but I didn't really know what that was going to look like for my exact setup.

So, how did it do?

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The CPU performance is only part of the picture, though. The GPU performance is where it really begins to make sense. For GPU performance, my build scored This is a good test for how the computer will not only handle 3D rendering, but also real-time video editing and video rendering like Premiere Pro preview renders or doing multicam edits of 4K video clips.

The only bottleneck I have now is external hard drive speed.

Where to buy

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