How to find out whats using memory on mac

Do this during the middle of using your computer for what you normally use it for. Better still, check it at various times over a few days.

Check Memory on Mac

If there is any red in the memory pressure you need more RAM. Red means your performance is taking a hit because your computer needs to use the disk drive for memory. If the memory pressure is yellow it may be worth monitoring over a few days to see if it goes into the red. If you have no free memory you should get more RAM.

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Adding more RAM may reduce page outs. The numbers are smaller but the same principles apply.

Find What Type of RAM a Mac Uses & the Maximum Supported Memory

See the last picture above. It needs to be Apple compatible. They have a memory lookup tool for all computers where you choose your model and it shows you exactly what memory you need. The memory chooser tool looks like this:. RAM in your computer is like the paper sitting on your desk.

How to Free Up Space on Your Mac Hard Drive With This Simple Trick

Your Hard Disk is more like a filing cabinet, it takes a bit longer to retrieve information. When your desk gets too cluttered you need to spend some time moving things in and out of the filing cabinet, which slows things down. Moving data from physical memory to disk is called paging out or swapping out ; moving data from disk to physical memory is called paging in or swapping in … Extended periods of paging activity reduce performance significantly; such activity is sometimes called disk thrashing.

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The Standard Way to Check Memory Usage

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1. Banish those Memory-Hogging Apps and Processes

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