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Value the second job over the current one. They are better at decoding than reading a text fluently. They are not good at decoding and understanding a text. They struggle to reveal what they have read. They often have general understanding of the text. They change their monitoring process when their comprehension has broken down.

Controlling comprehension is beyond their ability. This is the end of the listening paper. Directions: In this section of the test, you will read FOUR different passages, each followed by 10 questions about it. For questions , you are to choose the best answer A, B, C or D, to each question. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of the question and fill in the space that corresponds to the letter of the answer you have chosen.


Answer all questions following a passage on the basis of what is stated or implied in that passage. You have 60 minutes to answer all the questions, including the time to transfer your answers to the answer sheet. One of the first things we look for in fall is the first frost and freeze of the season, killing or sending into dormancy the beautiful vegetation you admired all summer long. For some locations along the Canadian border, and in the higher terrain of the West, the first freeze typically arrives by the middle part of September. Cities in the South may not see the first freeze until November, though a frost is very possible before then.

A few cities in the Lower 48, including International Falls, Minnesota and Grand Forks, North Dakota, have recorded a freeze in every month of the year. Ever wondered what it feels like to have a different job? Here, four people with very different careers reveal the trade secrets of their working day.

My day typically starts with a business person going to the airport, and nearly always ends with a drunk. I don't mind drunk people. Sometimes I think they're the better version of themselves: more relaxed, happier, honest. Only once have I feared for my life. A guy ran out at a traffic light and so I sped up before his brother could run, too.

He seemed embarrassed and made me drop him at a car park. When we arrived, the first guy was waiting with a boulder, which went through the windscreen, narrowly missing my head. I not only provide appearance for my client, I also do damage control. We've had clients involved in lawsuits, divorces or drugs. One mistakenly took a gun to an airport. On the red carpet — at the Academy Awards or the Golden Globes — I'm the person making my client look good. The other day at an Oprah Winfrey event, the carpet wasn't put down properly and my clients almost went flying — I had to catch them.

They can make some strange requests, too. I had to go in wearing a gown and order so they could eat it in the car. I could teach you to do a basic brain operation in two weeks. But what takes time and experience is doing it without wrecking the brain of the patients - learning your limitations takes years. I ended up working as a pediatric neurosurgeon because children make better recoveries from brain damage than adults. So it's more rewarding in terms of outcome and I find their resilience really inspiring.

It's taken me a decade to become comfortable discussing an operation with children, but they have to be able to ask questions. You have to show them respect. Sometimes their perspective is funny; most teenage girls just want to know how much hair you'll shave off. I don't get upset by my job. These children are dying when they come in and I do whatever I can to make them better.

When you become a judge after years of being a barrister and trying to make points that win cases, you have to remember that a huge part of what you do is listening - to advocates, to witnesses, to defendants. Behind closed doors most judges, even very experienced ones, are much more anxious about their work than most people might think.

We agonise over what we do and the decisions we have to make. It would be bizarre to say that as a judge, we learn to be less judgmental. But as you see the complex and difficult lives of the people who end up in front of you, you realise that your job is not so much to judge them as to ensure that everyone receives justice. Spring is the season when newly minted college graduates flock to New York City to start their careers. They begin the search for their dream apartment, brokers say, with the same singleminded determination that earned them their degrees and landed them their jobs in the first place.

But that determination only goes so far when it comes to Manhattan real estate. The first shock for a first-time renter will probably be the prices. Alternatively, the renter checks his or her expectations and grudgingly decides to raise the price limit, or look in other neighborhoods or get a roommate. Hunt said. The second shock is likely to be how small a Manhattan apartment can be. It is not uncommon in New York, for example, to shop for a junior one-bedroom only to find out it is really a studio that already has or can have a wall put up to create a bedroom. Which of the following is NOT listed by Mr.

Hunt as a reaction of prospective renters when he informs them of the prices? Which of the following would best describe the attitude of renters who decide to raise their price limit after being informed of the price? In which space marked A, B, C and D in the passage will the following sentence fit?

To prove that to guarantee a place in New York City is financially out of reach for an average graduate. So the key to finding that first apartment is to learn as much as possible about the market before arriving in the city and to keep an open mind. You have to be flexible and you have to come to the city armed with information and financial paperwork. In my 15 years of flying, I have not seen a scene like this.

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Instead of the habitual snowy landscape and frozen glaciers, a wide swathe of black water was visible as it flowed into the Atlantic. It was late spring, but the giant icebox that is Greenland was already melting. The fleeting image that I saw from 30, feet in early May is consistent with massive amounts of climate data gathered from across the planet. It is now clear that on average, the global surface temperature has increased by about one degree Celsius since and has been the cause of extreme climate events across the planet.

At times, warming climate combined with soot in the air thrown by wild fire has accelerated the melting. Warm weather is leading ice sheets to break up and turning glaciers into flowing streams. In May, NASA scientists concluded that the rapidly melting glacial region of Antarctica has passed "the point of no return", threatening to increase sea levels by as much as 13 feet within the next few centuries. A The fact that the melting is taking place slowly and its effect may not be felt for a few decades seems to offer comfort to those who want to continue their lifestyle relying on fossil fuels.

Unwilling to believe in global warming or make the sacrifices needed to face the challenge, politicians have been finding excuses to do nothing. American President Barack Obama, not hobbled by the need to fight elections, has now broken ranks with such politicians. Unable to pass legislation in the face of Republican and sometimes Democratic opposition, he instructed the Environmental Protection Agency to announce regulatory policies to curb emissions from power plants in the United States by 30 per cent by He hopes that regulations would influence the US states to adopt aggressive market interventions to address global warming.

Of course, execution of the policy still lies in the hands of many state governors who would find ways to resist, saying that regulations would raise the cost to the economy and cause unemployment among coal workers. As President Obama told Thomas Friedman of the New York Times: "One of the hardest things in politics is getting a democracy to deal with something now where the payoff is long term or the price of inaction is decades away. The price of inaction could be raised - if the coming global summit on climate in Paris could do what other summits have failed to do: agree on a fixed target for greenhouse gas emissions and a rigorous system for monitoring.

China has hinted at capping coal burning in the next 15 years, adding weight in favour of action. D Meanwhile, melting in Greenland and the Antarctica will continue as the sun scorches the fields and rising water threatens the coastal areas. India, the world's third largest user of coal, may have to take measures on its own or face isolation. Which of the following could best describe the message that the author wants to pass to readers? The earliest evidence for life on Earth comes from fossilized mats of cyanobacteria called stromatolites in Australia that are about 3.

Ancient as their origins are, these bacteria, which are still around today, are already biologically complex—they have cell walls protecting their protein-producing DNA, so scientists think life must have begun much earlier, perhaps as early as 3. But despite knowing approximately when life first appeared on Earth, scientists are still far from answering how it appeared. Today, there are several competing theories for how life arose on Earth. Some question whether life began on Earth at all, asserting instead that it came from a distant world or the heart of a fallen comet or asteroid.

Some even say life might have arisen here more than once. Most scientists agree that life went through a period when RNA was the head-honcho molecule, guiding life through its nascent stages. RNA is very similar to DNA, and today carries out numerous important functions in each of our cells, including acting as a transitional-molecule between DNA and protein synthesis, and functioning as an on-and-off switch for some genes. Like DNA, RNA is a complex molecule made of repeating units of thousands of smaller molecules called nucleotides that link together in very specific, patterned ways.

While there are scientists who think RNA could have arisen spontaneously on early Earth, others say the odds of such a thing happening are astronomical. In his book, The God Delusion, biologist Richard Dawkins entertains another possibility, inspired by work in astronomy and physics. Suppose, Dawkins says, the universe contains a billion planets, a conservative estimate, he says, then the chances that life will arise on one of them is not really so remarkable. Furthermore, if, as some physicists say, our universe is just one of many, and each universe contained a billion planets, then it's nearly a certainty that life will arise on at least one of them.

Shapiro doesn't think it's necessary to invoke multiple universes or life-laden comets crashing into ancient Earth. Instead, he thinks life started with molecules that were smaller and less complex than RNA, which performed simple chemical reactions that eventually led to a selfsustaining system involving the formation of more complex molecules. Many theories of the origin of life have been proposed but no fully accepted theory exists. Trying to explain what happened billions of years ago is an extremely difficult but possible task.

The answer to the question of how life appeared would have important implications for the likelihood of finding life elsewhere in the universe. A list of possible answers to a question followed by a discussion of their strengths and weaknesses. A general statement of an issue followed by a discussion of possible answers. A discussion of different aspects wrapped up by an answer to the question. You received an email from your English friend, Jane. She asked you for some information about one of your friends. Read part of her email below. She asked if she could stay with my family until she could find an apartment.

Can you tell me a bit about her things like her personality, hobbies and interests, and her current work or study if possible? I want to see if she will fit in with my family. You should write at least words. You do not need to include your name or addresses. Tourism has become one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Millions of people today are travelling farther and farther throughout the year. Some people argue that the development of tourism has had negative effects on local communities; others think that its influences are positive.

Write an essay to an educated reader to discuss the effects of tourism on local communities. Include reasons and any relevant examples to support your answer. Situation: A group of people is planning a trip from Danang to Hanoi. Three means of transport are suggested: by train, by plane, and by coach. Which means of transport do you think is the best choice? Toggle navigation.

On the test book, you will read: Which meal is NOT included in the price of the holiday? Lunch C. Dinner D. How many languages are taught at Hanoi International Language School? What is the boarding time of Flight VN? What will be happening in Lecture hall 4 next Monday? An art workshop B. An art exhibition C. A history lesson D. A talk about history of art 4.

Where does the woman live? Opposite the cinema B. Next to Anna Boutique C. On Floor 1 of C5 building D. What is the woman doing? Introducing the sports centre B. Selling equipment to the new members C. Explaining the rules in the centre D. What time do the banks open in winter? What is the woman talking about?

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How to change the topic of a term paper B. When and where to hand in a term paper C. How to write a term paper D. The list of topics for a term paper 8. How is the weather today? Cool all day B. Rainy in the early morning C. Windy at noon D. How has the man mainly learnt Japanese? By listening B. By speaking C. By writing Kanji D. By reading aloud Why did the woman travel to Spain?

To reach her goal B. To learn Japanese C. To meet her pen friends D. To practice her Spanish According to the woman, why do young people learn language more quickly? They have friends at university. Their brains are fresher. They do not have much concern other than study. They find languages easier than the elder. What is the conversation mainly about? Learning English B. Learning languages C. Learning French D. What does the man say about the Galapagos Islands? They are unattractive. They are a must-visit place for tourists. They are more popular with foreigners than locals. There are a lot of famous hotels and food there.

Why are the costs in Galapagos Islands so high?

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To improve their service quality B. To protect the environment C. To attract international tourists D. To solve local economic problems Which place can be compared to the Galapagos in terms of scenery? The Amazon region B. The lowlands C. South Ecuador D. Ecuadorean countryside Islanders should have more freedom to do business. Ecuadoreans should visit the island with more ease. Tourists should be given more freedom on the island.

Visitors should be encouraged to visit the island. Questions 17 to Listen to the conversation between Todd and Katia. What is the topic of the conversation? Ways to get an internship B. Methods of studying at university C. Contrasts between working and studying D. Skills needed in working environment What does the girl say about presenting skills?

She wanted more practice with them. She was not aware of their importance before working. She taught them to herself at university. What does the girl think about making mistakes in the working world? What advice does the girl have for those about going to start working?

Prepare themselves for unexpected situations B. Relax and have some fun C. Make good transition from university to work D. Questions 21 to Listen to a presentation about summer job searching. Sort of jobs within the field B. Flexible working hours C. Commitment to the job Why does the speaker mention photography? To highlight the importance of hobbies in job searching B. To illuminate a job search process C. To prove the role of local area in job searching D. To suggest looking for a job on the internet Value the second job over the current one B.

Make all the contact out of company time D. Have interviews scheduled during official working hours What behavior will place a candidate at a great advantage in an interview? Showing up on time B.

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  • Having a great outfit C. Stressing the achievements with the current company D. Emphasizing the working experiences What is of greatest importance for a successful attempt at the job search? Asking for references from the current company B. Referring to what have been achieved in the current job C.

    Getting the track record of the current job D. Listen to a talk about recycling carbon. Which process is mainly discussed in the talk? Producing carbon through photosynthesis B. Returning carbon to the atmosphere through decomposition C.

    Mot nghin nam sau

    Recycling carbon into the soil through soil breathing D. Maintaining the availability of environmental factors What happens during decomposition? Natural elements directly come into the soil when they fall on the ground. Natural nutrients are produced in death leaves and trees. Organic matter is absorbed into the soil through some natural processes. Organic elements are mineralized to CO2. The cycle of minimalizing CO2 in the soil B.

    The stage of decomposing organic matter C. The circle when CO2 is recycled D. The process when CO2 gets out of the soil What does the speaker say about the cycle of carbon? It helps remain carbon in litter for a long time. It finishes when CO2 comes out of the soil to the air. It is the result of soil respiration. It creates the amount of carbon in the living biomass. What does the example of tropical rainforest and the Arctic Tundra illustrate?

    The balance between photosynthesis and decomposition rate B. The importance of litter and organic matter in the production of carbon C. The effect of environmental factors on photosynthesis and decomposition rate D. Listen to a lecture about poor comprehenders. What is the talk mainly about? The difficulties poor comprehenders encounter B. The definition of poor comprehender C. The reading process of a poor comprehender D. The causes and effects of poor comprehension It is challenging in a regular classroom context. It is best to work with one child at a time.

    It requires children to make some questions about the text. It is done by asking children to talk about the text in pairs. What does the speaker say about poor comprehenders at primary school age? They make up the majority of primary students. They perform badly in subjects that require higher cognitive levels. Oral tasks are more difficult for them to achieve than reading ones. They have greater receptive skills than productive ones. They actually know reasons for their poor comprehension. They can monitor their comprehension only occasionally.

    When does the first freeze often arrive in the South? Early September B. Mid September C. November D. Jennifer I could teach you to do a basic brain operation in two weeks. Solange When you become a judge after years of being a barrister and trying to make points that win cases, you have to remember that a huge part of what you do is listening - to advocates, to witnesses, to defendants.

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    Wednesday, May 8, AM. Friday, May 3, PM. Thursday, April 25, PM. Friday, April 19, PM. Hien Le. Thank you! Tuesday, April 16, PM. Wednesday, April 10, PM. Thursday, February 28, PM. Searching through the internet, I rediscovered the richness of what I could have missed, with books, films, podcasts, and am very grateful to my compatriots to have tried to preserve the culture of our people. An article which I found on the blog vanthonhactrieuchau.

    The pre-war period music development is understood as the period before World War II At that time, Vietnamese art and cultural life was mostly concentrated in the North, and to some extent in the Centre, where Hue the Imperial City was found since early 19th century with the Nguyen Dynasty. Until , North Vietnam was still under the strong influence of the Chinese culture, although part of the younger generations were going through a period of formation with the modern world though French education and the influence of western thinking.

    Le Thuong recalled of that period which was witnessing the influence of western literature and modern music on Vietnamese youth : The growing demand from them encouraged Vietnamese artists to innovate their artistic production. There he met Le Thuong who supported his efforts. Thanks to the emergence of the audio industry which allows western music and talking films in Vietnam, production of Vietnamese artists could make their works more visible.

    Tham Oanh still kept the spirit of traditional vietnamese music, while Duong Thieu Tuoc was more open to western dancing music influence. Phan Dang Hinh, an orchestra composer form the third group with his students who played his classic composition, but the group was short lived. The nationalist movement has awakened the Vietnamese youth to fight for the independence.

    A new trend appeared among the modern music trend makers : the Historic Youth movement, with the underlying background of Scout mouvement, performed through the Dong Vong Group led by Hoang Quy. The music was to put in enthousiasm mode, calling the youth to join the nationalist movement. My remembrance of love songs is often associated with the image of the mothers and wifes, and widows, the real victims of this bloody war that has killed so many generations of Vietnamese youths.

    The story was immortalized by a woman holding a child who was transformed into a stone while waiting for her husband to come back from the war. Hon Vong Phu was created by Le Thuong from to This is the first epic piece work of the Vietnamese modern music era. But the author has also based from the real life stories of the multitude of Vietnamese wormen waiting for their men gone to war throughout many centuries. The memory of my childhood attempts to become an artist with the help of my young uncle remained encrypted in my memory and sense of music.

    Van Cao Another Author represents to me the most talented of them all. He was accused of non-conformity to the regime and his compsitions has been banned except for the national anthem until He died on 10 July in Hanoi. Truong Chi, a poor and homely fisherman, had a beautiful voice which caught the attention of Princess My Nuong who fell in love with him. But when they finally met, she was disappointed by his looks. I recently discovered a version interpreted by Guitarist Hoang Buu. In this song, the widow is waiting for her lover in the lonely nights of the dying Autumn, waiting for his footsteps, and getting more and more desperately at the sound of falling leaves.