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This isn't as much of a necessity on the PS3 as it is on the Xbox, but you still may experience problems with certain video types so it's worth knowing where to look. If you do experience some trouble with video playback, you might need to look into codecs to ensure you have everything you need to play videos.

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If you do have problems, the PS3 Media Server Forums have a ton of different settings for different formats. Getting video to stream to the PS3 is easy, but before you start you need to make a one-time change to the settings:. That's it, from here on out, you just need to start PS3 Media Server on your computer and you can stream videos to your PS3 instantly. The process of using your Wii as a media center is a little more complicated than the PS3 or Xbox because it's not directly supported. It's still really easy to set up by tapping into your home computer through the Wii's browser.

If you want to make the experience a little more fluid, MakeUseOf has media center guide that requires setting up your Wii for homebrew. It's not complicated, but we're going to stick to a simpler method we outlined a few years ago. Instead of streaming through the software on the console itself, you do it through the web browser. For that, we're going to use Orb Caster. That's it.

The process is a little convoluted, but it's surprisingly easy once you're all set up. Since the Wii U still relatively new, there isn't a really solid streaming option yet. VidiiuStreamer, which is currently in beta, works well enough. You can also stream MP4 videos directly through your Wii U's browser if you prefer. VidiiuStreamer is incredibly easy to use, and while it only supports MP4 video files right now, transcoding is on the way.

Here's what you need to do on your computer:. To get videos from your computer to your Wii U, you can use either the gamepad or the TV. Do this through the Wii U's browser. Fordyman , Feb 18, Yeah you can, it will list the files how they are on your hardrive. With regards to the themes, I dont know as I havent used any. Mar 31, at PM. Guys, I have 2gb mp4 files - is there an upper limit in file size? I'm wireless full strength on both units EEC3 , Mar 31, Thanks for this.

Aren't Mac's great? Apr 3, at AM. Apr 4, at PM.


Apr 5, at PM. I'm pretty sure there is no limit to mp4 file sizes right?

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EDIT: Definately a mac issue, when i browse to the address using firefox from the mac, and from another pc, the file is definately reported as mb. I know its clearly not, but meh. Nov 30, at PM.

NapMan , Nov 30, I found this thread by searching Google. I used the method and it works perfectly. I have one question, though: How can I bookmark the address in the PS3 browser. When I try the "add to bookmarks" selection is grayed out. I appreciate the help. Last edited: Nov 30, Oct 22, at PM. Apologies for resurecting an old topic. But I'm trying to get a 7gb m2ts file onto my PS3. I have carried out all the instructions and can see a small.

I can also see the m2ts file renamed to. I have followed the instructions. When I use my imac or ibook to connect to my personal website sites folder it works fine, and I can see the files I would like to transfer to the PS3. However when using the browser in the PS3 the page wont load. I get the message "the page cannot be displayed" "the web site may be experiencing a technical problem.

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The ps3 is connected via Ethernet cable, and the imac is normally connected to the airport express wireless router, but I also connected the imac to the hub via Ethernet cable. The imac is connected to the internet from both connections. In my folder I have one file in there "Rounders. I use Ps3 Media Server over a wired m connection with perfect results. You can also set the max speed of your receivers. I've been using mediatomb for a long while now and the only problem i've had is a lack of time in setting up mkv transcoding. That said i've been running a 1Gbs link between my linux box Ubuntu I configured it with an initial scan, followed up with scheduled scans.

I found using the inode watching configuration to be quite a resource hog and very buggy. I'm not sure what is the problem with DLNA. Is it that I need more bandwith, or is DLNA a bad protocol, or is the implementation of those servers buggy or incompatible with the PS3? PS3 Media Server works great a lot of the time, but requires a few more resources than media tomb and I'm running mine on an amd 1. Ok, I have finally solved the problem. It seems that there were two problems that, when combined, reduced transfer rates while streaming media.

The first was that some update to Debian somehow messed with the firmware files for my NIC. I reinstalled all firmware packages. The second problem was the MTU of , I reduced it to After those two changes video streaming runs flawlessly. What a relief!

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